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Mohs Micrographic Surgery

When seeking a skin cancer specialist, many patients choose Alta Dermatology Medical Group because of the range of treatment options available. One of the most popular options is Mohs Micrographic Surgery, which is recognized as one of the most effective treatments for skin cancer available today. Mohs surgery can be used even if the patient has attempted to have their skin cancer treated using another method. It involves having a skin cancer lesion removed layer by layer and microscopically examining each layer as it is removed.

The Process

The Mohs procedure enables the physician to closely examine each layer of tissue and detect the presence and proliferation of cancerous cells. This process allows the physician to remove the minimal amount of tissue necessary in their quest to eliminate the cancer. The affected area is injected with a local anesthetic, and the doctor removes the skin cancer along with a miniscule amount of healthy tissue. The removed tissue is examined, and the doctor continues to remove layers of tissue in the affected area until cancer cells are no longer detected.

When Is It Done

Mohs micrographic surgery is most effective for the removal of specific types of skin cancer. It's often used in cases where the cancer has a high likelihood of returning, is located in the eyelids, nose, ears or other visible areas, is growing rapidly, is at high risk for spreading or if the cancer is detected in a child. Should any or all of these conditions be met, the skin cancer specialist determines if the patient is a good candidate for the Mohs surgical procedure. Recovery from micrographic surgery takes two to four weeks.